Registrations are open – 7th batch – 10 days Online Workshop (In Telugu) – 10th to 19th July – 4 to 5.30pm

Center for Holistic Development of Human Consciousness (CHDHC) is a collective effort for the well being of all humans by inculcating universal human values education (Jeevan Vidya) for a happy, peaceful and prosperous living with harmony at all levels – individual, family, society and nature/existence. This is a project of Amma Social Welfare Association (ASWA).

The Vision

CHDHC aims to contribute to human well-being so that all are equipped with necessary competencies to live with harmony at all levels – individual, family, society and nature/existence.

As a team we want

  • To form a community that is interested in exploring, about themselves, their relationship with the world and studying the possibilities to live a happy and prosperous life.
  • To disseminate proposals and insights of “Universal Human Values Education” and prepare committed facilitators to inculcate Universal
    Human Values in their students and Organisations.
  • To demonstrate best teaching and learning practices, integrated with
    Universal Human Values and influence the Formal Education system positively.
  • To develop and facilitate necessary knowledge infrastructure for UniversalHuman Values Education.
  • To live in a self-sustained way by producing all the necessary things needed for life.

The Need

We believe that achieving the desirable state (at the individual and societal level) is possible only through the right education (Universal Human Values through Jeevan Vidya). Value education has the potential to build the competencies to fulfill this basic human need.

The Mission

We want to develop three centers to achieve the above-mentioned objectives. International Resource Centre for Universal Human Values. This center aims to prepare committed facilitators in the education system. This center offers long term and short term workshops/courses on Universal
human values through Jeevanvidya at various levels (Introductory, Intermediate and advanced) for the interested people, teaching community (Schools, colleges and universities), NGOs, community-based organizations, corporates in the residential and non-residential mode

Center for Learning

Learning center aims at preparing students for life and grow emotionally, physically, socially an intellectually with personalized and adaptive education approaches. The learning center is an alternative approach to the current education system that facilitates every child to learn differently and motivates differently.

We organize Universal Human Values (Jeevan Vidhya) workshops for teachers/faculty of educational institutes, Students, NGOs, Corporates, Families and anyone who is interested in seeking knowledge through self development.

There is no satisfaction point to consumption & the hoarding of material comforts – an outcome of Materialism.  Spiritualism is steeped in mysticism and has challenges explaining the observed world. Individualism & Communalism are on the rise – creating a rift in humanity. We need a real alternative to human problems:

  • Individual purposelessness
  • Health & Lifestyle problems
  • Family /relationship stresses
  • Societal conflict & inequity
  • Natural imbalance

We need an alternative to the prevalent mania for profit, consumption & carnality. This is possible only through the right education (Universal Human Values or UHV through Jeevan Vidya).  This philosophy offers

  • A universal, verifiable, livable alternative – based on reality.
  • It proposes solutions to the myriad personal, familial, social & ecological issues we face.
  • This understanding fundamentally alters our assumption of who we humans are, why & how we live.

We share our knowledge for Universal Good – to fulfill our responsibility towards humankind. This initiative is not a source for our livelihood. Moreover, we don’t charge any money towards the universal human values education in colleges or schools or society.